Review: Four Places!

By Joel Drake Johnson

Directed by Eva Laporte

Peggy’s usual lunch date (and usual lunch drink) with her middle-aged children turns from routine conversation to life-changing revelation. Peggy, alternately sweet and acerbic, skillfully maneuvers to keep control, navigating secret lives and big lies, on a day that turns out to be anything but normal. Her two children must come to grips with the fact that parents, at any age, have lives which may be very independent of their children’s.

Featuring Catherine Babbitt, Kathy Couser, Sarah Fisch, and Andrew Thornton.

“The stories we tell can either help us process trauma, or they can become a barrier to that,” [Laporte] said. “This play is a little bit more about lies and keeping secrets. That’s a truly unhealthy way, a dysfunctional way of responding to trauma.” Read more on The Rivard Report.

Four Places is produced by The Surround Project and is a Classic Theatre Second Series Production.

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