Review: A Doll’s House by Classic Theatre of San Antonio

Read the full article by Michael Meigs on CTX Live HERE.

“I was transfixed as Ibsen’s three acts unreeled before us…”

“Director Kelly Hilliard Roush’s staging of A Doll’s House successfully established itself as operating outside a given time and mostly outside a given place, subtly stressing the validity today of the central theme of a piece written very nearly 138 years ago.”

“Kacey Roye captures our attention every second she’s on stage, which is most of the time. Her exuberance as wifey and friend is so convincing that we’re initially tempted to think she’s just a flibbertygibbet, but with that goes a winning sincerity and vulnerability. When threats arrive and pressures mount, Roye as Nora faces them with touching courage and rationality.” -Michael Meigs, CTX Live

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