Review (#2 of 2): A Doll’s House by Classic Theatre of San Antonio

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“The Classic’s approach to this staging seems to be “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” The set design by Alfy Valdez is timeless, capable of fitting into any era from the late 1800s and beyond. Indeed, this timelessness carries over to Jodi Karjala’s attractive costuming, which dresses the characters in 1950s garb. When combined with the words penned by Ibsen nearly 140 years ago, the blending of eras is seamless and startling.”

“Director Kelly Hilliard Roush’s intention was to demonstrate that A Doll’s House can exist in different time periods but still resonate for modern audiences…and it works.”

“The Classic’s cast is excellent. Nick Lawson is wonderfully awful as the pompous Torvald. Casella and Lewis are also fine, bringing out the humanity in characters who are driven by desperation. John Boyd also impresses as Torvald’s doomed friend, Dr. Rank. It’s Roye, however, who takes center stage, as well she should. Her Nora is a bundle of raw nerves, overcompensating for everything to please her domineering husband and present her “best face” to society. And when she finally musters the strength to confront Torvald in the final act, it’s both poignant and satisfying.” -Kurt Gardner, CTX Live

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