Press for Miss Bennet

“Arthur is totally out of my wheelhouse, so different than me,” said the actor who is reprising the role in the 2019 production which opens Friday. “But it was a joy to discover him last year. Coming back this year, I have bonded with him further. It’s like seeing an old friend again.” Interview with Hunter Wulff, by Jasmina Wellinghoff Arts Alive San Antonio

“There’s definitely sizzles and sparks’…Roush says the dialogue stands out, like in the novel. ‘Yes, their smartness is a delight. As actors it is a delight to be so smart, and witty…the audience enjoys that and hears that as well.’ Roush says that rapid-fire intelligent dialogue makes for great theater.” – Interview with Director, Kelly Roush, by Jack Morgan, TPR

“The Classic Theatre of San Antonio made a clever choice when selecting this captivating play to be their holiday production. Written by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon this new play is a pure delight and is sure to become a well-loved classic in no time. It is full of quick-wit and riddled with everything that makes Austen novels transcend generations.” – Ashley Corbaley, Broadway World

“Alyx Gonzales perfectly conveys Mary’s frustrations and is brilliantly paired with Hunter Wulff who brings the nerdy and socially awkward Arthur to life. Wonderful performances all around. The period costumes are gorgeous and the holiday setting gives ‘Miss Bennet’ a warm, inviting feel and that makes this a must-see show to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.” – Sandra Cruz, SA Examiner

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