Our lobby display artist: Laurel Gibson

Laurel’s work is currently on display in our lobby.

Laurel Gibson is a professional artist known for both ceramics and embroidered artwork. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, in Avignon and Paris, France. She received a Master of Fine Arts from The University of Texas at San Antonio and a Bachelors of Fine Arts with honors from Northern Arizona University. Laurel’s artwork has been featured in national and international publicans and in many group and solo exhibits in Arizona, Texas, Washington, Mississippi, and Vermont.

“My artwork reflects my mind’s ambition to find enlightenment in an imperfect world. “Intense research of philosophies, religions, cultures and physics combine to create unique works of art. Each artwork has its own story enriched with symbols. The embroidered designs and ceramic figures encourage the viewer to see how the world is infinitely connected. I create art because I feel a desire to express myself through a visual language.”

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