Jaston Williams Returns!

“Williams has paid regular visits to the theater over the past few summers. The relationship is strong enough that he and Kelly Hilliard Roush, Classic’s executive and artistic director, have a long-standing goal to find a way to include him in one of the theater’s other productions the first time their schedules jibe.”

“The dream is to have him more than once a year,” said Hilliard Roush, who noted that his shows have brought a devoted following to the theater.”

“We love having him here,” Hilliard Roush said. ‘We find him to be not only a consummate artist and professional, but funny and kind and someone who really fits in.”

“He’s a classic. It’s been really great to trust that what he’s going to bring in is going to be something exciting and relevant to our community.”

“Don’t Blame the Car weaves together accounts of his first experiences behind the wheel of his mother’s enormous Chrysler New Yorker at the age of 14 — “My first driver’s license said 4 foot 11, 82 pounds” — with tales from his travels and a tribute to his late brother.”

-Express News, Deborah Martin


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