A Doll’s House Grapples With Contemporary Issues

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A Doll’s House

The play, which Roush is setting in the 1950s, takes a look at male/female dynamics through the prism of the marriage of Torvald (Nick Lawson) and Nora (Kacey Roye). He is the breadwinner, while she pours all of her energy into running the household and raising the children.

Torvald treats her like one of those children — admonishing her for indulging her sweet tooth and making clear that any big decisions will be made by him. Their seeming certainty in their place in the world — not to mention the integrity of their marriage — begins to crumble when he discovers a secret she has kept from him for years. His reaction reveals some things about him, forcing her to decide whether she can continue with things as they have been.

Some of the discussions that Roush and her cast had as they rehearsed the show have been about how far society has come in terms of gender roles and how far things have to go to reach equal footing.

Working on this play while a national conversation around those issues is taking place “is surreal,” Roye said. “How are we still here? Ibsen wrote this in the late 1800s, and I just can’t believe that we’re still here.” – Deborah Martin, Express News

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