Creating Classic Connections!

We’re still here for you! We continue to focus on connecting our community through conversations about Classic plays and what it is to be human in the 21st century. Our goal is to keep our community both safe and connected. Here are some of the ways we are reaching out to do so:
  • Offering remote learning opportunities for students with study guides from our previous classic productions.
  • Posting video clips of previous Classic productions.
  • Featuring monologues from Classic artists in support of the Classic Theatre.
  • Creating connections from previous Classic productions to relevant pieces of media, and sharing links with you that provide high quality theatrical productions from across the globe. You can find this information on our Facebook page.
  • As we begin to plan how we might make some of our on-site educational opportunities interactive for students and teachers in the Fall, please email Education Director, Kacey Roye at with any thoughts you may have!

Thank You To Our Sponsors!