Classic Theatre Gets Fancy for You Can’t Take It With You

Deborah Martin, from Express News, attends a photoshoot with the cast of You Can’t Take It With You

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“The cast of Classic Theatre’s ‘You Can’t Take It With You’ turned out for last Friday’s rehearsal looking red-carpet ready.

The actors brought out the fancy duds for a photo shoot to promote the show. Purists needn’t fret: Stringham isn’t moving George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart’s classic comedy, which is about a family of eccentrics and artists, out of its standard ’30s setting.

The contemporary look for the shoot was largely a practical matter.

‘We knew it would take a while to get costumes for a cast of 16 and were concerned about the timing, so we were inspired to approach the photo shoot this way,’ said Executive Director Kelly Hilliard Roush. ‘Especially as we had such an amazing cast of performers like the Vanity Fair Oscar cover.”

– Deborah Martin, Express News


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