Waiting for Godot

May 13 – May 30, 2010

Written by Samuel Beckett

Directed by Tony Ciaravino

Two men meet near a tree. They while away the hours, talking philosophy, bodily functions, and sharing a few measly turnips, all while waiting for a man named Godot — who never seems to come. They are joined by quite the unique cast of characters, who inform them that that although Godot will not come today, he surely will tomorrow. In Samuel Beckett’s wickedly funny, frequently moving existential play, they wait, and wait, and wait. Though tragic in theme and sweeping in scope, Waiting for Godot is a delectable combination of witty dialogue and physical comedy- it’s theatre at its best — surprising, charming, and compulsively watchable.


"Thornton and O’Neill, clad in shabby, filthy suits, are both utterly captivating. They strike precisely the right tone as a couple in a long-term relationship - there is affection between them, as well as exasperation. There is also a strong sense that, no matter what misfortune befalls them, these guys are not in it alone - each has the other’s back. A darker dynamic plays out in the complex relationship between bossy Pozzo and his tethered ‘menial,’ Lucky. Both hit all the right notes. Mammarella is forceful throughout."

- Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News

Photos by Dwayne Green


Sophia Ciaravino

James Gibson

Jim Mammarella

Jimmy Moore

John O'Neill

Andrew Thornton

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