The Taming of the Shrew

November 8 – November 24, 2013

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Diane Malone

Modest and beautiful young Bianca is the most coveted young maiden in Padua…but no one can marry her before a match is found for her wild, willful, “shrewish” older sister, Kate. Kate has tormented and frightened every man who dared to dance her way, and Bianca and her suitors have nearly given up hope. That is, until Petruchio comes to town. What ensues is one of Shakespeare’s most outrageous comedies, in which two misfits who have never compromised in their lives take a riotous journey towards becoming each other’s perfect match.

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"Director Diane Malone, who also designed the set and costumes, gifts San Antonio with a wholly authentic production that would have made Shakespeare himself proud."

- Jenni Morin, Theatre For Change

"Clyde and Bumgarner have fantastic chemistry, making all of their scenes sizzle. Both also have fantastic timing, and they make good use of it. The show’s comic elements don’t rest solely on their shoulders. John Stillwaggon gives a scene stealing performance as Petruchio’s servant Grumio. Joseph Urick is also laugh-out-loud funny as Tranio, and Richard Solis is wonderful as Gremio, another of Bianca’s suitors."

- Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News

Photography by Dwayne Green


Richard Anthony

Christie Beckham

Roy B. Bumgarner II

Morgan Clyde

Mike Duggan

Joe De Mott

Molly Martinez-Collins

Christelle Miller

Robert Moritz

Allie Perez

Richard Solis

John Stillwaggon

Maggie Tonra

Joseph Urick

Summer Rayne Vidal

James Welch

Torence Brandon White

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