The Merchant of Venice

February 13 – March 1, 2015

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Matthew Byron Cassi

In this tangled tale of friendship, romance and revenge, a merchant borrows money to help his friend woo a rich heiress. Shylock, a Jewish moneylender, agrees to loan the money with one caveat: the merchant must pay the loan back in full, or else he will be forced to surrender a pound of his own flesh. When the merchant is unexpectedly bankrupted, who will save the day when Shylock comes, knife in hand, to claim his pound of flesh?  Funny, horrifying, charming and unsettling, The Merchant of Venice has remained one of Shakespeare’s most popular —and controversial — plays for more than four centuries.

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"The show’s drama packs an emotional wallop. Ross delivers a nuanced, well-crafted performance as Shylock. And he is matched by everyone on stage with him. The comic elements snap neatly into place, too. John Stillwaggon is the show’s comedy MVP, painting memorable portraits of both Gratiano, a frat-boy-esque pal of Bassanio’s who falls for Portia’s gentlewoman Nerissa (Allie Perez); and as the flamboyant prince of Aragon, who is amongst Portia’s suitors."

- Deborah Martin, Read More

Photography by Siggi Ragnar


Dru Barcus

Christie Beckham

John D. Boyd

Mary Griffith

Nick Lawson

Susi Lopez

Robert Moritz

Sidney Murray

Allie Perez

Allan S. Ross

John Stillwaggon

Katherine Stinson

Mark Stringham

Hunter Wulff

Torence Brandon White

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