The Glass Menagerie

October 9 – October 18, 2008 

Written by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Allan S. Ross

A theatrical piece of distinct power, with some of Tennessee Williams’ most potent lyricism, The Glass Menagerie is a memory play as told to us by Tom Wingfield, a merchant marine looking back on the Depression years he spent with his overbearing Southern genteel mother, Amanda, and his cripplingly shy sister, Laura, who has physical disabilities. While Amanda strives to give her children a life beyond the decrepit St. Louis tenement they inhabit, she is herself trapped by the memory of her life past– a life of cotillions and suitors and wealth, now long gone. Tom, working at a shoe factory and paying the family’s rent, finds his own escape in drinking and going to the movies, while Laura pours her energy into caring for her delicate glass figurines. Tom, pressured by his mother to help find Laura a suitable husband, invites an acquaintance from the factory to the apartment, a powerful possibility that pushes Amanda deeper into her obsessions and makes Laura even more vulnerable to shattering, exposed like the glass menagerie she treasures. Williams’ intensely personal and brilliantly tender masterpiece exposes the complexity of our memories, and the ways in which we can never truly escape them.


"There are just two chances left to catch this beautifully staged production, which boasts heartbreaking turns from Terri Peña Ross as Amanda, the matriarch of the Winfield family, and Eva Laporte as her painfully shy daughter Laura."

- Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News

"Tony Ciaravino commands the stage as the sexy, smarmy Jim, whose introduction to Rose culminates in perhaps the saddest seduction in American letters. (The patron next to me actually started sniffling. Pollen or heartbreak? You be the judge.) Though oddly feisty in the first act, Eva Laporte’s Laura ends up a true Williams heroine: She’s impossibly, even pathologically, attracted to beauty at the expense of personal happiness."

- Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News



Andy Thornton

Tony Ciaravino

Terri Peña Ross

Eva LaPorte

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