The Cherry Orchard

May 4-May 27, 2018

Written by Anton Chekov

Directed by Andy Thornton

The Cherry Orchard, set in Russia at the turn of the century, is Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece about a family on the edge of ruin, and a country on the brink of revolution. Early one May morning, after a five-year absence, the widow Madame Ranevsky returns home to her family estate to find that it has been heavily mortgaged to pay for her extravagances and that it is to be auctioned off. Madame Ranevsky and her brother, find themselves scrambling to retain a vision of gentility amidst a climate of huge social and economic transition. How will they cope?

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"...the production is...imaginatively crafted and executed, thanks to innovative director Andy Thornton, his stellar cast and unexpected use of the theater's flexible playing space. " -Diane Windeler at Incident Light

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"The piece is well directed by Andy Thornton, who has a deep understanding of Chekov’s intentions and really makes its themes come through." -Kurt Gardner on CTX Live

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Photography by Siggi Ragnar


Dorian Arriaga

George Burnette

Kathy Couser

Sarah Fisch

Linda Ford

Samantha Harkiewicz

Michael Howard

Makenzie Jené

Kevin Majors

Sam Mandelbaum

Cleon Ony

Gloria Sanchez

Julio Alberto Sepulveda

Steven Starr

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