Six Degrees of Separation

February 10 – February 26, 2012

Written by John Guare

Directed by Diane Malone

When a young and effortlessly charismatic black con man claiming to be the son of Sidney Poitier himself smiles his way into the sympathetic living rooms of a few of New York City’s white wealthy elite, and tears a swath of disillusionment through their preconceptions and comfortable lives, the thirst for understanding leaves them questioning their sense of selves. Ouisa and Flan, the play’s central duo and two married art dealers, find themselves victims of a strange invasion after offering a young man, who appears to have been mugged in Central Park, shelter in their apartment. He tells them he knows their children from Harvard, and so begins an evening that captivates the older wealthy couple, eager to embrace the promise of an intelligent, provocative young person who also happens to stroke their egos and reinforce their sense of good personhood.


"The play, directed with precision by Diane Malone, deals with all sorts of aspirations, as well as the ties that bind people together. The cast is first-rate across the board. And the action plays out on a relatively simple set, designed by Malone, that is tasteful and well done."

- Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News



Dru Barcus

Bethany Bohall

Desiree Chappelle

Joe DeMott

Mike Duggan

Anna Gangai

Justin Keown

Mark McCarver

Sarah Nixon

John O'Neill

Albert Penuelaz

Timothy Retzloff

Eric Soto

Dan Yount

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