School For Scandal

November 4-November 27, 2016

Written by Richard Brisnley Sheridan

Directed by Diane Malone

“We revive old plays because we think they may have something to say to us now.  The School for Scandal is a play obsessed by wit, fashion, celebrity and reputation, and whose central theme is hypocrisy. Does that ring any contemporary bells?” Deborah Warner, Director, Barbican Theatre.

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Diane Windeler from Incident Light says School for Scandal has a “large, exceptionally strong cast (that) is unfailingly energetic and comical.” “It's all great fun, and if there is a lesson to be learned, it's think twice before hitting that “send” key.”

- Diane Windeler from Incident Light Read More

“The cast is clearly having a field day with the material. Holley and Lewis are a riot as the brothers, and Lewis literally works up a sweat with his high-energy performance.”

- Kurt Gardner, Read More

“Every member of the cast is in top form, the gossips delivering their tales with just the right nasty slap.” “…laugh-'til-you-gasp funny.” “The show is an absolute delight. Don't miss it.”

- Deborah Martin, Read More

Photography by Siggi Ragnar

Bekka Broyles

Holly Clifford

Joe DeMott

Christi Eanes

Michael Holley

Zach Lewis

Alexa McClatcher

John ONeill

Samantha Robison

Richard Solis

Steven Starr

Chad Thompson

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