Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare

Directed by Joe Goscinski

Playing September 6-29, 2019

In William Shakespeare’s famous play about two star-crossed lovers from feuding families, we explore the fine line between love and hate. The Montague and Capulet families’ long-standing feud blinds them to reality and traps their children. How can Romeo and Juliet escape the walls of fear and hatred their families have built around them?



“Even a 400-year old classic like Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet can speak to the moment, sometimes with stunning particularity. While directing A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Classic last year, director Joe Goscinski was going through the difficulties of a long-distance relationship complicated by tightening international borders. For this season, he suggested Romeo & Juliet to Roush, specifically because of one feature of its setting in the walled city of Verona, Italy.” -Nicholas Frank

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“People know the story but they haven’t heard every idea – every thought that’s being spoken in it. I’m looking to flesh out those concepts and make them relevant today. Just because a story is well-known doesn’t mean that it’s always well done. I’m hoping everyone, young or old, will see this play and go, “Wow, I don’t know it had that in it as well.” -Georgie Riggs

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“There is no life beyond Verona walls for Romeo, and so I went with that and built off that, Goscinski said. “What are walls and why do we put up walls? Sometimes, it’s to protect ourselves, but it’s sometimes out of our fears of what we don’t know.” -Deborah Martin

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Photography by Siggi Ragnar


Laura Boyd

Christina Casella

Josh Davis

Carolyn Dellinger

Vanessa Eichler

Alyx Gonzales

Nick Lawson

Jill Linton

Gabriel Itzcoatl Luera

Gabriel Maldonado

Jon Manzke

Ivan Ortega

Donna Provencher

Julio Sepulveda

Torrence White

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