Painting Churches

February 8 – February 24, 2013

Written by Tina Howe

Directed by John O’Neill

Mags Church, a successful artist, is determined to paint her parents–her flaky, jabbering mother, and her absent-minded father who is tumbling into senility.  But when Mags attempts to paint the Churches, she is forced to confront her complicated feelings for the two unusual folks who raised her, overcome her childhood neuroses, and permit an honest portrait to come into view.

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"Eanes and the Rosses (who are married off-stage as well) capture the family dynamics well. It’s plain that Mags adores her father and forgives him more easily; the mother daughter relationship is more fraught. In one particularly powerful scene, she confronts her mother about what mags sees as cruelty at her father’s expense. Terri Peña Ross features harden and her voice takes on a sharper tone as she paints a very clear picture of what life with Gardner has become. The moment is beautifully played by both actresses."

- Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News

Photography by Dwayne Green


Desiree Chappelle

Kareem Dahab

Christi Eanes

Molly Martinez-Collins

Allan S. Ross

Terri Peña Ross

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