Death of a Salesman

February 7 – February 23, 2014

Written by Arthur Miller

Directed by Jim Mammarella

Death of a Salesman chronicles the last days in the life of Willy Loman, a man who has spent more than three decades in sales and now, in his early sixties, finds his numbers—and his mind—slipping. Biff, his 34-year-old son, is out of work and running out of options. Happy, two years younger, compulsively exaggerates his own accomplishments. Willy’s devoted wife, Linda, supports him unconditionally, but her constant encouragement cannot keep him moored to reality. Willy is literally haunted by the past, and visions of happier days and lost opportunities continually intrude as he struggles to make sense of the present moment. At heart, this is the story of the members of this American family’s love for each other, and Willy’s corrosive love for the American Dream.


"Director Jim Mammarella has pulled together an absorbing, emotionally shattering staging."

- Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News

"Ross paints a rich, full portrait of Willy, shading his performance with flashes of regret: When he pulls his fist back to punch his son or roughly grabs his wife’s arm, a look crosses his face that conveys that Willy is just as puzzled and frightened by his volatility as those around him. Peña Ross, his real-life wife, is also marevlous. She is the very picture of devotion, gazing at her husband with compassion and growing concern as his world starts to collapse."

- Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News

Photography by Dwayne Green


Meredith Bell Alvarez

Byrd Bonner

Anthony Ciaravino

Morgan Clyde

Kenneth Lopez

Karie Ann Randol

David Rinear

Terri Peña Ross

Allan S. Ross

Guy Schaafs

John Stillwaggon

Victor M. Treviño

Louis Valdez

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