Buried Child

July 8 – July 24, 2011

Written by Sam Shepard

Directed by Stefan Novinski

Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Buried Child takes place in an old farm house, somewhere in Illinois. We are introduced to Dodge, an cranky, sarcastic alcoholic on his death bed, and his chatty, oblivious wife Halie, who is having an affair with the local Protestant minister. As Dodge’s health devolves, the prodigal sons return: Tilden, who has come back into town after having run into some trouble in New Mexico, and Bradley, who seems to live nearby and only has one leg, having lost his other one in a chainsaw accident. Their lives are a whirlwind of chaos and confusion. It is not quite clear why everyone is acting so strangely until Tilden’s other son, Vince, comes home, after six years’ absence, with his girlfriend Shelly in tow. As old secrets from the past rise to the surface, we see newcomer Shelly try to fit the pieces together. As the family tries desperately to keep the past in the past and stay afloat, the darkest of secrets begin to come to light.


"Ciaravino is utterly heartbreaking as Tilden, a hulking, wounded man so broken that he’s essentially a giant child with a drinking problem. Minto is strong as Tilden’s brother, another damaged man. And Bolek and Connor, the youngsters in the cast, more than hold their own."

- - Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News

"‘It’s not just a family drama,’ Novinski said. ‘It’s very rich. It feels very Texas, although it’s set in Illinois. It’s about the land and family and tradition. And the big underlying question is how de we leave home, and the other half of that is how do you come home?’"

- - Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News



Rodman Bolek

Anthony Ciaravino

Kat Connor

Rita Crosby

Bill Gundry

John Minton

John O'Neill

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